Surprise: A Youtube Channel!

Good afternoon everyone! The final day of my summer Independent Study has finally arrived, so get ready for some blog posts, videos, and a big celebration! This summer Independent Study has been full of so many great surprises, opportunities, and experiences, and I am so glad to have been able to share them with you all through this blog! Don’t think that just because my summer study is ending, I am putting the camera down. I still have a long way to go on my journey as a filmmaker and I am nowhere near done!

Today I am super excited to share my new Youtube Channel that will house all of the videos that I make for my Independent Study. For safety and security purposes, only those people with the link will be able to view the videos (I will share the link on the blog so of course the followers can view the videos 🙂 )!

I already have a few videos on my channel, so please, go check them out and leave a comment! I am so excited for you to see them. Having a youtube channel will be so much easier than having to individually send the link to everybody.

Thanks again for your support throughout the summer, it means so much to me!

*Update: Hi everyone, this is quite ironic, but due to an enormous amount of spam comments and privacy concerns I can only share my videos with you if you ask for a link in the comments. So sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you are still able to enjoy my work!

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