Weekly Video Reflection

Hey! I hope everyone is having a great Friday! On Wednesday I finished filming and editing my weekly video and my topic this week was a recovery skate part. For those of you who are curious, a skate part is usually a short video that skateboarders make in order to show off their tricks and/or lines. I’ve always been really interested in skateboarding and I have been skateboarding for around 6 years now. I am in no ways a professional, but I love to stay involved in the community so I thought it would be super fun to make my own skate part for this class!

I planned on making a 5-6 minute video, but that fell apart when I had to take a break from skateboarding due to an injury. So, this video is basically a 2 minute recovery skate part for me 🙂 If you are interested in viewing the video, please just send an email in my direction and I will send it your way!

A sequence from my skate part (I personally love the shot of the flower)!

As you can see in the picture above, I edited this video in iMovie. I am currently working on transitioning my editing from iMovie to Adobe Premiere Pro, which is just more professional and will allow me to grow my skills even more. This week, I joined a website called Skillshare that offers classes to help me learn more about the challenging program that Adobe Premiere Pro is. My plan right now is to learn more about Premiere Pro and then somewhere down the road remake this skate part in the new program. I want to edit it the same way and then see what else I can add to it with Adobe Premiere Pro. Then I can watch them side by side and see which one I like better! I think that’d be really cool.

So, after watching my video a few times, I have a few critiques that I would like to offer myself next time I make a video (whether it be a skate part or something completely different). First off, something big that I noticed, is that when I am panning over something, I need to make sure I do it slowly! If I do it too fast, then it makes the audience dizzy. Something else that I noticed that is relevant when talking about cinematography is that I should work intentional placement of the camera (specifically when it is focusing on a human subject). It’s definitely hard to remember all of these tips in the moment, but it’s important to remember in order to capture the best shot of the subject!

When I was editing this video, I focused in on the sound and making sure it was consistent and where it needed to be throughout the whole video. This was brought to my attention after I interviewed my first professional, Andrea DeGette. She brought up the importance of sound and how essential it is to have good sound above all else and I totally agree with that. That be said, I think it might be time for me to finally invest in a microphone. At some points in the video, my sound was bouncing around everywhere: I need more consistency for easier editing.

Anyways, those are the major critiques that I wanted to point out for myself in this video. Overall, I am really satisfied with my cinematography and editing process (as well as my skateboarding lol). Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, I hope the rest of it is great!