Interview Update + Research Post: Video Blogs!

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is staying safe and happy during this beautiful week! I have a great research post for you today, but before that I just want to give everyone a few updates for my interviews this summer. As many of y’all know, I try to interview as many people as possible in this study because I truly believe that we as humans learn the best through experiences and interviewing people about their own experiences is a great way to learn and grow! Anyways, today I lined up two great interviews. I have one tomorrow with a knowledgable filmmaker and in the upcoming months, I am scheduling one with a film student! I am so excited for both of them!

As I said above, today I have a research post that provides links and descriptions for some great blogs and Youtube channels that I plan to keep up with over the summer. A lot of these are super informational and helpful to me as a filmmaker because they keep me updated on the latest technology and news from the film industry. I’ll probably come back and add to this list pretty frequently because I am always finding great sources (thank goodness for the internet). Let me know down in the comments if y’all know of any other great sources that I should keep up with this summer! Thanks everyone 🙂

Here is a link to my other post that talks about blogs like nofilmschool, FILM INDEPENDENT, student filmmakers, and Sundance:

Now to the new blogs/youtube channels 🙂 :

I love this video of Jacobs! I was looking for desk inspiration when I stumbled upon his small channel that is just full of great information and entertaining videos! Check it out!
I also stumbled upon Robert’s channel while looking for inspiration for setting up my desk. He was super funny and he just seems truly passionate about what he does. Really informative!
This link is two for one! It is a film blog that made a post for excellent film blogs, go check it out!!
Here is StudioBinder’s youtube channel as well. It has amassed quite a following!
Indie Talk! This is a great website to connect with other filmmakers and learn new things!
Here is a great youtube channel with quick tips on how to improve your filmmaking skills!
Check ’em out here:

These are just a few great examples. I highly encourage you to check out the link to StudioBinder’s post, it is much more in-depth and I will definitely keep referencing it.