Plan for –> May 11-14

Hi all, I just wanted to send out my plan for this week and give a quick update. I am still working on catching up on the reading column (in red), but I also think I have future plans in store for this Independent Study.

These past few months, I have truly fallen in love with this study and what it holds. I recognize that many qualify junior year as the most academically challenging year of high school, but if my schedule allows me to have the time to add this independent study back on, I would love to.

I am still thinking about it, but now I am not totally sure how I would do without filmmaking in my life. I’ll keep y’all posted, but this is how I am feeling about it right now. Also, the way that the reading column connects to this is that I would change my reading plan so that I could continue to read the handbook next year!

Anyways, I hope everyone is still doing well!