Week in Review -> May 4-8

Hi all! Two posts in one day, that must be some kinda record for me!

Anyways, I wanted to give a brief summary of what I accomplished last week, which I am really proud of!

So, on the picture above, you can see in second row, some of the boxes are shaded in green. That means I successfully completed the task. As you can see 5/6 of those boxes are green! That is amazing for the first week!

The reason that the box titled ‘Reading’ is not in green is simply because I haven’t gotten that far in the The Filmmakers Handbook by Steven Ascher yet. I am currently four chapters in, or 146 pages in, and I am satisfied with that. I would much rather take my time and thoroughly read and annotate each page rather than speed-reading- through the whole book. I am looking at reevaluating my reading plan, but right now my main goal is to do as much as I can with the book with the time I have.

The Orange, Green, and Blue posts are currently all up on my blog. Go and check them out! They have similar titles to what they are called in the planning document.

For the Purple column, I searched around online for materials that will help me learn Adobe Premiere Pro online, which is a pretty simple one.

Lastly, the pink column: “Video Making.” I finished the video for last week, but it is not online yet because it is still getting approved. I am so excited for it!!! I can’t wait to make a post on it. Y’all get to look forward to that.

Have a great week!