Plan for–> May 4-8

Good afternoon y’all! I just wanted to let y’all know what’s in store for this busy week. Below is my schedule for this week. This is a new schedule/planner that I will use for the next four weeks so I’ll explain what everything means in this post.

May 4-8

So the first section titled “Reading” is what I will read that week from The Filmmakers Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age by Steven Ascher with Edward Pincus which is around 800 pages. That is a lot of reading for the next four weeks, but I have it broken up into corresponding sections, which you can view in the last post.

The next section “Reading Post” is basically what it sounds likes. I plan to make a post about every few chapters that I read and I plan to read a few chapters a week. So, that means that there will be a lot more posts than y’all are used to. Hopefully y’all don’t get spammed with notifications. In each post I will document some of what I learned from the book and some new strategies that I hope to implement in future shoots or editing. What I put in these posts will really depend on what chapters I read that week.

“Video-making” is the section where I plan what videos I will make in a specific week. This week I am making a skate part, which is essentially a cool video that involves me skating, but I won’t be posting that on this platform. If you want to see it, feel free to shoot me an email and I can send it to you! I have three more videos to make besides my final project, so I will do one each week.

The green column is called my “Passion Posts”. As it says on my welcome page, I was (and still am) passionate about videos and video-making, so I will do one post each week where I explore a specific aspect that I am passionate. This weeks is going to be about why I love 80s movies, so look out for that in the next few days.

The next column is the investigation Posts Column. Here I will look into specific subjects that I am curious about. This week, I will be investigating the lives of a few famous directors and what made them so special and what they are known for, things along those lines. So, look for that in the next few days too!

“Adobe Learning” is my investigative column about what I will do to learn more about programming in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s a pretty simple column, it’s more of a planner for me. So, for example, this week I am going to look for some videos that will help me learn more about this program.

Last, but not least, “Technical Aspects”. So, when I did a GOA Film program, we had this google slides process journal where we document our new findings each week and recommendations for next week. I am thinking of implementing this technique onto my independent study in a different way. So, each week I plan to focus on a specific element of videography, whether it be in filmmaking aspect or production aspect. This week I will probably focus on something relating to the actual video product (like exposure).

Thanks for reading! Also, please reach out or comment down below if you have any recommendations for me! Stay safe!