Outline for the Next Seven Weeks

Hi all!

I hope all is still well with you, I just wanted to give everyone an update of where I am at with my Independent Project this week. Since I finished Scott Kirsner’s book this past week, I needed another book to start on because I find those really helpful in this Independent Study. So, this week I am starting The Filmmakers Handbooks: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age (the fifth edition) by Steven Ascher with Edward Pincus. I am actually really excited to start this book because it seems very informative and helpful as well as the fact that I have a lot of time to read this book now due to the quarantine. The book is around 830 pages and I plan to read a majority of it. While that might seem like an absurd amount of reading to get through in the next seven weeks, I am passionate about this subject and now determined to get through this book.

I am already a few pages in and I have already learned a lot of film terminology as well as some of the science behind filmmaking. Although I just started this book, I already recommend it to anyone who is interested, even if they don’t have a lot of time on their hands. This book is written so that even if you have interest in one specific section, you can just pick it up and flip directly to that section with no prior reading.

Again, because this does seem like an absurd amount of reading for the next few weeks, I made a general outline of what the next few weeks will look like for me according to my Coronavirus plan that I had in a previous post. You can find my reading plan that is based on the table of contents below.

I hope that you stick along with me for this seven week journey! It will be interesting, that’s for sure. Thanks!