Week in Review -> Feb. 24-27

Hi everyone! I hope y’all have had a great week. I am very proud of the work I did this week, as it was a lot and it was fun!

I got to talk to interview my Filmography teacher, Mr. Gill, on Tuesday night. It was good to be able to be to talk to him again, as it has been a while since our class ended last semester. We also got to talk more in depth as to how he got to where he is now in his career and that was very interesting. I got to ask him probably my favorite question that you can ask everyone and learn so much from it: what is your best piece of advice? Of coarse, I changed the question a little bit in this setting, as the original question is applicable to anything, so I made sure it was centered around pursuing a career in the arts. I think that it was a very successful interview and I should be publishing it sometime in the next week.

I have also been talking to one of my classmates and in the coming future I am planning on going to some lacrosse games to film them! It will help with my ability to film in the moment not knowing where the action will happen next, as lacrosse is always unpredictable. I have done some research and now I have a better idea of what I am getting into and how to handle it. One thing that I need to make sure of when I film the game is that follow my tips! I found that filming a game is much harder than many people think. I think my friend and I will also get together soon to discuss what she wants done with the film, most likely we will make a highlight real. It will be fun for sure!