Plan for 3/2/20 – 3/6/20

One more week until Spring Break (for me at least)! I don’t know if y’all get a week off soon, but I am looking forward to mine! This week I plan on being as productive as I can before I take next week off, so that means a busy schedule!

First, on Monday I will be meeting with my Independent Study teacher to discuss the upcoming week as well as learn more about how to use the Adobe apps and learn how to use the Canon camera that she introduced me too. I am looking forward to using the Canon camera, it will for sure be a lot better than using my phone all the time. Maybe I could use it to film the upcoming sports games!

I am also going to be finishing up editing my interview with Mr. Gill this week. I have thirty minutes of footage to go through that I plan on editing down to three to five minutes.

To conclude, this week I will also do some more scheduling/planning what I will do after the break. Things will surely pick up again after the break. I forgot to tell y’all, I got accepted into the Film Festival I applied for! I am so excited to dive into that to learn more about it and meet some new people. So, I will be planning for that this week as well as future film plans, new editing techniques, new readings, and things along that line.

Thank you for keeping up with my blog, have a great week!