Week in Review -> Feb. 17-21

Wow, what a busy week! I hope y’all had a week as good as mine. Last week my school had three magnificent showings of our winter musical and they were all amazing! Sadly, one of them had to be canceled because of the weather, but as many people said, “the show must go on!” And surely, it did.

I learned a lot from this production that I intend to take back with me to my classes and, specifically, my IS. I was, and still am, so proud of how dedicated everyone was to the show and how much it mattered to them. Seeing this production from start to finish really allowed me to appreciate if you are truly dedicated to and love something, you can go to the moon and back with it. This truly was an amazing part of my sophomore year.

But, back to Commercial Applications for Video. As the musical gears down, my study in videography goes up! This past week was packed full of projects for me. I scheduled my interview, which is this upcoming Tuesday, with Mr. Gill. I also found out that I didn’t win the film contest, but I am still proud that I submitted my work (and there were so many great films in the contest). I am also still continuing to read my first book, which is packed full of information on publicizing your work.

Thanks for reading, this is going to be a great week for my IS!