End of 2020 Interview!

Hello all, long time no see!

I have been hard at work this year and am so excited to return to my Independent Study in the Spring Semester. In fact, I was so excited that I decided to do a quick post to finish off the year!

In recent weeks, I was able to interview the fantastic Ellen Rose. Ms. Rose has worked all over the film industry, with jobs ranging from Producer to Video Editor and even to a News Assistant! We were able to discuss how she became interested in the film industry as well as what her life looks like now, having been in the industry for a few years.

We started off our conversation by discussing how and when she became interested in this career path. I always love to learn about how people first became interested in making videos because everyone has a completely different story that is so personal and means a lot to them. As a kid, Ms. Rose told me that she watched a lot of Saturday Night Live and other shows produced by NBC. She knew that she had to work at this studio at some point in her life (more on that later). I love Ms. Rose’s story because it shows how she has always been interested in video and television and how through hard work and taking chances, she was able to become involved in this industry!

As I will soon be making college decisions, I appreciated every ounce of advice that Ms. Rose gave me about being a Journalism Major in College. She attended both Miami University and the University of Virginia, and through both of these experiences she learned so much. During this time, she specifically taught me about the importance of taking chances, because every opportunity that you are offered can be a valuable experience if you choose to look at it that way! I will definitely take tips like these with me after I leave high school and move into college.

While she was attending both Miami University and the University of Virginia, Ms. Rose worked at CNN News Studios, where she assisted with the daily news production and eventually began to write news-wires for the network. Ms. Rose told me that she really enjoyed her time at CNN and that it truly taught her a lot about what goes into producing a show as well as other valuable experiences like managing a crew and working under time restrictions. 

After working CNN, Ms. Rose worked at NBC Studios in New York where she wrote and pitched ideas for news segments, managed camera crews all across the United States, and even was able to help cover the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. That sounds like an amazing job to me. Although it couldn’t have been easy, Ms. Rose told me that she had the best time learning about people’s stories and making connections with other people in the studio. Through our conversation, we both learned that we have a shared love for the show Saturday Night Live, which is produced in the same building that Ms. Rose worked in! I highly recommend you check out the show, it’s filmed live and airs at 11:30 ET on most Saturday nights (hence the name).

Ms. Rose said that one of her favorite parts of working at NBC was being involved in the NBC News Learn production team. Here, she was able to interview high-profile scientists, athletes and even members of Congress in order to produce educational videos that ended up reaching students and teachers all over the world! Ms. Rose talked about what a great experience she had being able to meet people from all walks of life and help share their stories with millions of people. I think that’s one of the coolest parts about being a videographer: being able to meet amazing people and share their stories.

Following our discussion of her experience making documentaries, we also talked about our shared love for guacamole! In fact, Ms. Rose even has a whole blog dedicated to her favorite spread! Although this started out as just a simple talking point, through this discussion I learned about the importance of having hobbies and other things going on outside your job. I personally don’t have a job yet, but I know that in my life that it’s so important to have things going on outside of school so I don’t go crazy by spending all of my time focusing on my academic career. From this interview, I now know that this same idea is applicable to both going to school and having a job!

Finally, we got to one of my favorite parts of every interview I conduct: the advice portion. I love hearing every videographers best piece of advice because the advice is usually applicable to more than just making or producing videos. This sure was the case with Ms. Rose’s fantastic piece of advice! When asked what’s the best piece of advice she could give to an aspiring Journalism/Film Major, Ms. Rose recommended that we take every opportunity that we are given, because you never know what you will learn and what it might lead to. This is an amazing piece of advice that I will be sure to take with me in my future video adventures as well as through life in general. Thanks again for the amazing advice and great conversation Ms. Rose!

Thanks for reading! If you would like to check out some of Ms. Rose’s videos, click here. You can also view her LinkedIn Profile here.