Research Post: Legendary Director Sidney Lumet

Hello everyone! Today’s research post is about one of the most legendary directors of all time (in my opinion). I decided to do a post about him because I am currently reading his book, Making Movies, and I wanted to get to know more about him as I dive deeper into his book. I got a lot of my information from this article, check it out!

Lumet started his career in the theater by directing a lot of off-Broadway shows. I think that it is so interesting (and super fun) that he dipped into both telling stories on the stage and on the screen. I truly love both a lot! After he transferred from directing in the theater over to television, his career seemingly took off due to his ability to work quickly while keeping a high level of quality. Later, he finally settled into producing films. In his career, he worked with many actors and actresses who are still well-known today! Some include: Sean Connery, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Diana Ross, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, and so many other notable people!

I was honestly surprised that I hadn’t heard of Lumet before I heard about his book. He has done so much for this industry and inspired so many people along the way.

From the few sections I have read of his book (check out my schedule here!) I highly recommend it! Lumet is brutally honest in his acknowledgement of how things in this industry will forever be evolving (this book was first published in 1995!) and we have to keep up with them, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun and be passionate about our projects! Check out his book here!

Also, be on the lookout for a new post coming soon that I think y’all will really enjoy. Here’s a sneak peak. Let me know what y’all think is coming down below.

Thanks everyone!